Thin Golden Meteorite Ring



The shavings are from a Campo del Cielo Meteorite. This meteorite was discovered in Northern Argentina and Scientists determined it fell to earth between 4,200–4,700 years ago.

This ring also contains real 24K Gold flakes.

The ring inlay is sealed with a jewelry grade resin that provides a durable, scratch resistant, and water-resistant finish.

This rings are handmade with each piece of meteorite and gold being painstakingly placed. Therefore each ring is unique and may not exactly match the pictures above. If you would like us to go heavier/lighter on the gold or meteorite send me a message and I’ll be happy to customize it. This will not effect the price.

The bands are made from ceramic and cannot be resized. It is important to get the correct size so visit a local jeweler and ask them to measure your finger.

Each ring comes with a Stainless Steel Certificate of Authenticity describing the inlay materials.