How to Measure Your Ring Size at Home

How To Get Sized For a Ring 

When a jeweler helps you choose a ring, they will first take your finger measurements to ensure that you get the right fit. Nobody wants an ill-fitting band that falls off and gets lost or one that squeezes the finger so tightly that it blocks circulation. Our company use US ring sizes which are universal so if you go to any jewelry they can give you an accurate measurement.

Consider having a lovely ceramic or tungsten ring that does not fit! That would be a colossal waste. Because these rings cannot be resized, you must get this first step right. A local jewelry store is the best place to get it done because it is the most accurate and, in most cases, free.

So, how do you determine your ring size on your own?

Here’s how:

Procedures to measuring your ring size at home:

Measuring your finger 

For this method, you require a paper or a non-stretching string and a pen or marker. The piece of paper should be ¼ inches thick and 6-inches long, while the line can be the same length of 6-inches.

  • With either the string or paper, wrap the finger you intend to measure at the base. Ensure that it is not too tight nor too loose. It should just fit perfectly.
  • After getting the right fit, mark the point on the string or paper where the circle around your finger is complete. 
  • Then transfer this paper or string on a ruler to get the entire circle circumference.

The measurements can be converted to MM using a ring size conversion chart for accuracy.

Measuring an existing ring: 

Sometimes an already fitting ring could also be your point of reference, and you can use this to measure your ring size. In this case, you will need a ruler with MM dimensions. 

The procedure is relatively straightforward; you place the ruler over the ring and measure straight across the ring from edge to edge. This measurement is called the diameter, and using simple math, you can find the circumference.

Tips on getting accurate measurements 

  • Always measure our fingers at room temperature. 

Our fingers can expand and contract depending on the weather, and this is why you should measure at room temperature. If you measure your finger when it is too cold, you will end up with a ring that is too tight, and if you measure it when it is too hot, you may end up with a ring that is too loose.

  • If the knuckle is more prominent, do a double measurement and go with the average

If your knuckles are slightly larger than the base of your finger, it is safe to double-measure at the bottom and the widest part of the knuckle. After you’ve gotten the two measurements, take the average, and that’s your ring finger. This is to prevent a ring from not passing through your knuckle.

Parting shot:

Rings, particularly those made of tungsten and ceramic, look stunning. However, if they do not fit properly, you will have a problem. So much so that you should use the methods outlined above to get the measurements correct from the start. If you can’t get an accurate size, ask a local jeweler for assistance.

Overall, get that ring, and get it in the correct size!

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